Wavinya Ndeti is one of the most respected leaders in Ukambani region.

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Ndeti is a woman who gives most men sleepless nights in the political arena.

Her courage and desire to lead Machakos residents has earned her more trust from people.

She is a former Kathiani MP.

Today, through her twitter account, Ndeti shared a heartwarming and consoling tweet that has touched the hearts of many people.

As a woman of substance, she quoted the verse in the bible that reflects in our real life.

It talks about love and how we should not allow it together with faithfulness forsake us. 

As a true leader who cares about her people especially from Machakos, she teaches them how to be humble and ignore things which disturb them.

Ndeti in her tweet tells the residents how to get success and favor in the almighty God's sight and also in front of a man. 

As a woman and mother, she understands the hard life many Machakos people are going through.  She tries to make them smile and at least have hope in their lives by telling the good news from the Bible.