Former presidential aspirant cum human rights activist Prezo Nazlin Umar has claimed that her life is in danger.

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In a long Facebook post , Nazlin alleged that Majority leader Aden Duale together with Deputy President William Ruto were planning to assasinate her. 

In the damning allegation, Nazlin further claimed that she has full evidence that the duo has hired Al Shabaab assailants  to track her down and execute the plan.

"Two weeks has seen me through hell and back and received undisputable evidence of an apparent redeployed master plan of my assassination through Al Shabaab, by warlord Aden Duale who has hired Al Shabaab with strict instructions to assassinate me," she claimed in the long statement .

The former politician went ahead to claim that DP Ruto, through his personal assistant Farouk Kibet, has also warned her of the imminent assasination.

"Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has also warned of my imminent killing through his PA Farouk Kibet," the statement further added.

In the recent times, Nazlin has been criticizing DP Ruto claiming that he was abetting corruption in the Jubilee government. 

As if this is not enough, the vocal human rights fighterfighter has also blamed a section of of media outlets for failing to give her sufficient airtime to make her 'exposures'.