While in a relationship, it is always important to keep things fresh. Getting too comfortable might destroy everything that you’ve tried to build in your relationship. 

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One common thing likely to happen when you get too comfortable in a relationship is that your guy is likely to get bored. 

Here are signs that your man is bored with you;

1. Spends most of his time on the phone when together

When a man treasures and loves you dearly, he will always be ready to offer you all his attention. However, if he happens to keep himself busy with his phone whenever you are together, know that he is bored with you.

2. No longer takes you to dates

Men usually love surprising their women frequently to make them happy all the time. But if he happens to be bored, you will notice that there are no more date nights on your calendar.

3. Spends more of his time with friends than you

Another thing that is marked with a happy couple is how frequent they spend time together. If he stops spending time with you suddenly, know that he is starting to get bored spending time with you.