He is a man of many hats or as globally acclaimed Country Music legend Dolly Parton would put it, a coat of many colours.

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Fredrick Mwangi popularly known as Githingithia or Damiano shot to fame when he virtually laid the foundation stone upon which Gikuyu comedy sits on today 20 years ago.

Githingithia alongside another faded comedian, Njaramba, pioneered the Kikuyu comedy in 2000 on Kikuyu-mother radio, Kameme FM, through their daily rib-cracker and juicy stories that were a-must-listen-to among the Kikuyu audience of that time.

Mr Earthquake as some like referring to him as, has managed to evolve with the fast changing times which has enabled him to no only remain relevant in Kikuyu comedy, but also in other fields of entertainment that he has embraced in recent times.

Speaking to this writer on Thursday evening, the veteran entertainer revealed his secret of being able to remain 'evergreen' for such a longtime in a field where so many have come and withered up after only a short time of being exposed to the 'scorching sun'.

"Kikuyu entertainment scene is very competitive and whichever sector of it you decide to venture in be it comedy, music, radio, TV or any other, you have to be very adaptive and dynamic so that the fast changing times do not pass and leave you irrelevant," Githingithia says before breaking into his infectious signature laughter.

He adds: "You must learn not to be like the dinosaurs which became extinct for their inability to change with time. Also, in entertainment I strongly advise against putting all your eggs in one basket because if or when the basket drops for whatever reasons, it means you are dead finished!"

Consequently, Githingithia notes that that is the reason he is a multifaceted entertainer. Apart from comedy, Damiano also has 'eggs' in Kikuyu Voice-Overs, Radio and TV Ads production, TV programmes and music production through his Thika-based 'state-of-the-art' production studio.

Also Githingithia is a renowned Kikuyu/English Country Music singer where he composes his own songs or remixes popular Country songs done by others "but I give them a fresh taste and life that appeals to local fans of the same".

Recently, Mr Earthquake adds, launched a country music band (The Musketeers Band & Githingithia) which is currently active in a number of popular entertainment joints frequented by country music lovers on various days of the week.

"This is the latest addition in my coat of many colours and as I can assure you, I have big dreams for it. In fact, this project is my retirement destination where I not only intend to entertain country lovers with serious music throughout my prime age, but also mentor upcoming local country music artistes."

"This area is very fertile and still unexploited reason why I hope to mentor many young artistes, dancers and instrumentalists who have interest in country music. This music genre has always been in my veins," Mr Earthquake says while promising to rival Country Music legend Kenny Rogers in local fanbase.