Political analyst Gerald Bitok has opined that President Uhuru Kenyatta could be using his position to promote his family's businesses.

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Speaking on Wednesday evening, the commentator claimed that milk processed by one of the nation's leading companies associated with Uhuru is being sold in Chinese markets.

He suspected that the same could be the work of the president, alleging that he might be using his links with the Asian country's leadership to boost sales.

He claimed that Uhuru could be giving his personal interests special attention, wondering why the nation's economy is getting worse while his companies are prospering.

"Mbona biashara za Uhuru hazianguki ilhali uchumi wa Kenya unaanguka? Juzi nimeshangaa sana kukutana na maziwa ya Brookside katika maduka ya Uchina (Why is it that Uhuru's companies are doing well while our economy is collapsing? I was shocked when I saw Brookside milk being sold in Chinese shops)," he said on Radio Jambo's Mazungumzo Waziwazi show.

He proposed the formation of a law that will see politicians completely keep off their businesses once in power, to avoid conflict of interest.

"Inafaa kila mtu aliyechaguliwa asiingize mambo ya biashara zake pale (there is a need for all elected leaders to keep off business issues once in power)," he added.