Reports indicate that Kilifi County has lost 29 elderly people over the last two years over alleged involvement in witchcraft practices.

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County Commissioner Magu Mutindika, blamed the increasing murders on false prophets who incite residents against the elderly.

Speaking to the press on Friday, Mutindika added that the fake prophets who use biblical doctrines are spreading malicious information that the elderly are witches.

He added that most of the victims are village dwellers, warning the alleged group which claims to rely on divine vision to stop the vice.

"The false prophets are indeed the cause of increased killings of elderly people as they claim to get divine visions in their prayers and hence incite people to get rid of them," he was quoted by the People Daily on Saturday.

According to Haki Yetu Organisation's Julius Wanyama, the prophets demand up to Sh20, 000 from villagers before purporting to detect who and who are witches.

He added that most of the victims hail from Rabai Sub-County, and the remaining scattered across other parts of the county.

Confirming the same, Rabai Criminal Investigation Officer John Lelei said that the figured suspects are then ordered to either commit suicide or be killed by residents.