Kisii business tycoon and politician Don Bosco Gichana is happy about Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's leadership. 

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This is after Jambo pay exited the Nairobi county revenue collection, upon the termination of their engagement contract by City Hall.

Mr Gichana claimed that Sonko won't be easily comprised by cartels to issue the tender to cartels for him to get kickbacks. 

"As an IT specialist. We must give credit where it is due. As Jambo pay exits the Nairobi county revenue collection, what I've seen on Sonko TV the tech system put in place is the best Globally. Enemies of development were spreading rumours that the county revenue collection was going analogue. It's so wise for the county to do the revenue collection itself to eliminate the cartels," Gichana wrote on his Facebook Page on Sunday.

He added; "They will increase the margins and that will trickle down to Nairobi residents. Jambo pay are the cartels we are fighting against, they are already facing criminal charges for work done in one of the parastatals. If Sonko was like most Governors he could have easily issued the tender to cartels in order to get kickbacks."

Gichana argued that other Governors should emulate Sonko's leadership styles.