Some Nakuru men have developed a habit of wasting their entire day politicking in several places around the town.

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Here are some of the places where these politics lovers spend their time within the town, only to return home in the evening.

Telkom Kenya

This is one of the places within the CBD where men blow their entire day arguing and politicking, each day apart from on Sundays.

The discussions are always political, right outside the Telkom Kenya Nakuru offices.

Ironically, the 'Parliament' is only a few metres from the Nakuru County Headquarters, and is frequented by opposition supporters.

At times, the debates turn into arguments but since the debaters are respectable men clad in suits, it never goes into the uncivilized point of violent exchanges.

2. Lions Garden

The Lions Garden located right opposite Pinkam House next to Nakuru Top Market houses the Nakuru 'Bunge La Mwananchi' (citizen's parliament)several times a week.

And since the park also doubles up as a resting haven for the jobless and idlers, the parliament which comes complete with a speaker is usually crowded on debate days.

Men use this opportunity to argue, bash and correct each other as bystanders watch.

To some, this is just another mode of passing time as they catch up with the latest happenings in the nation as is raised by the debaters.

3. Manyatta

The small market in Nakuru's west's Shabaab Estate is another irresistible haven for lovers of political issues.

Right next to the Manyatta stadium is a newspaper vendor's place where men meet each morning to outdo each other, each believing that his argument is the correct one.

Crowds gather at the place to listen as the know-it-alls even predict who will be the president 70 years to come!

Though politics can be sweet to those who understand it, this routine can be dangerous and disastrous to families.

This is because some of these people are always politicking, leaving no time for work and family.