A medical doctor in Eldoret town has invented an online market that aims at bringing millions of Small Scale and Medium Entreprises (SMEs) as well as other businesses under one website. 

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The medic Calvin Nyakure, says the online platform dubbed ‘Chirowa Online’ will also allow any user to quickly and easily refer as well compare, lowering businesses marketing costs. 

The platform is targeting over seven million small business people across the country.

“Almost a half a million businesses fail every year due to lack of markets and unconducive business environment to costs. Chirowa market would like to change that and help traders reach millions of customers to increase profitability hence high incomes,” said Dr Nyakure.

In an interview ahead of the official launch of the website scheduled for next week, Dr Nyakure said the platform will not discriminate on any person regardless of their social status. Both small and medium enterprises, as well as the blue-chip companies, will benefit. 

The name ‘Chiro Wa’ comes from two Kenyan words which mean, ‘Our Market’ going by the slogan ‘buy and sell anything anywhere.

“Chirowa Online is about three months old and is already commanding daily visits of one million people and more than 1, 000 registered vendors,” revealed Dr Nyakure. 

One key advantage of the Chirowa online platform is that it allows the registered business people to work from home hence not incurring high rent in urban centres. 

To do business on the online market, one has to take a photo of the product he/she intends to sell then upload it on Chirowa Online by registering with Sh100 to have the account registered before a potential buyer finds the commodities.

“This is a paperless type of doing business. It is a moving business where one has to create an online office or shop by uploading pictures of their products to reach millions of potential buyers. One can even sell the goods in Uasin Gishu while in Mombasa. It is developed in Kenya and run by Kenyans. It is an environmentally friendly business that is out to manage waste and help in environmental conservation,” explained Dr Nyakure.