Identical triplets are the talk in the North Rift region after they all secured a form one slot in one of the prestigious secondary schools in the area, St. Patricks Iten. 

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The triplets, Amos, Samson and Gideon Yegon raised by their single mother with a humble background managed to score 362, 357 and 352 marks respectively in the 2018  Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. 

The boys' difference in their age is by the interval of 5 minutes which coincides with their KCPE results that were amazingly 5 marks apart.

“We are from Kuresoi North and we are happy to join high school together with my brothers,” Amos jovially said. 

The triplets were born 13 years ago.

Their single mother Lily Chemuati Kalya lamented of the hard responsibilities she encountered when raising the three children. She cited that it was a very challenging experience as a mother. 

“I got the triplets in the year 2005 and raising them was not easy as a single mother. It was too difficult until the former governor Benjamin Cheboi intervened by offering to support me,” said Lily pointing out that when raising them, she was wondering where to get money for their education. 

Lily, mother of 5 revealed that one of the triplets was nicknamed Uhuru Kenyatta as he uses his left hand just like the president. 

“One of the boys (Amos) who scored 362 is more punctual among them. He is bright and mostly we refer him as the president at home,” she said.