Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi has faulted people comparing him to his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) counterpart Raila Odinga.

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The former Vice President has repeatedly been questioned on his ability to operate in his self-proclaimed opposition boss position as a result of his soft and docile character.

But speaking on Citizen TV's News Night on Tuesday, he said that he is bringing on board a new, sober and consultative leadership, far from Raila's forceful and rough one.

He added that he is not weaker as is being seen by some Kenyans, but is only doing things differently from Raila, whom he noted has fashioned himself in a different way.

"Raila has his own style and has fashioned himself in that manner. Look at me for what i am, I am Mudavadi, not Raila," he said.

He stressed on the need for Kenyans to embrace his leadership, arguing that the opposition does not have to be a destructive and violent side.

"Kenyans must move away from the notion that opposition is about picketing. We don't want an opposition that is chasing out investors and throwing stones in the streets," he added.

Raila who was initially considered the defacto opposition boss appears to have dropped the position after joining hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta after their 2018 truce.

Before his exit, Raila was known to lead his supporters in demonstrations and riots, which on most occasions culminated in confrontations and running battles with the police.

However, Mudavadi now says that there is need for the nation to embrace a policy based opposition block.