Nairobi followers of celebrity talk could soon get to be owners of regional bragging rights following the impending relocation of Tanzanian sensational Diamond Platnumz into the city.

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No. This is not plain talk that you hear from those gossip guys on the net. 

The celebrated bongo artiste has already purchased a luxurious home in Nairobi where he is set to stay after he says a permanent bye to his mother country. 

The apartment is in one of the leafiest suburbs in Nairobi and its purchase is not something to be treated as a traveller's gimmick. 

He recently shocked fans when he hinted at relocating to Kenya. 

Diamond began having serious troubles in the southern country after the government recently banned him from performing within its borders.

“Kama hamutaki niperform si naondoka naenda country nyingine tu, nabaki uko naperform nyimbo zangu, kama sheria hairuhusu nyimbo kuchezwa Tanzania, tamaduni Kenya zinaniruhusu. Kwa nini, kwa sababu gani wanikataza niperform kwa nini sasa? Wataka mimi nife na njaa? Utanilisha wewe?”  he said recently.

(If you don't want me to perform I will leave the country to another country where I can perform my songs. If the law does not allow my songs to be aired in Tanzania, Kenyan traditions allow. Why? Why do they stop me from performing now? Do they want me to die of hunger? Will you feed me?)

The authorities claimed that the musician was constantly breaking the code of ethics set by the government.