To many Kenyans, January can be anything but the best month of the year.

 It is always considered long, and a very rough month for most middle-class Kenyans.

This is mostly because most people engage in a spending spree during the festive season, considering that the December salary which is meant to be used in January is always spent on the festivities and paying back loans associated with the said festivities. 

Secondly, a huge number of Kenyans travel home to meet and spend time with their extended family before the year begins. 

During this period, fares always skyrocket to an all-time high, meaning that you have to spend a huge chunk of money to move from town to your rural area.

Lastly, schools always open during the first week of January, meaning that parents have to spend some cash on purchasing school uniforms, books, and most importantly paying school fees. 

By the end of the first week of January, a huge percentage of Kenyans are always broke.

The pressures of January have forced many Kenyans into debts and taking loans which only makes their lives harder. 

This is compounded by the need to pay for school fees whilst feeding one’s family and ensuring household essentials are always well-stocked. 

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