The latest single hit by the sassy Gin Ideal, ‘My Way,’ in collaboration with Beenie Gunter from Uganda that was released earlier this year has made her dominate the charts exponentially.

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So strong is the charisma and commands she holds in music that she is now making frequent visits to our neighbouring country after every two weeks for performances.

The grass is indeed greener on the other side for Gina! With more success and bookings on the other side of Lake Victoria, many are now asking the million dollar question;  will she relocate permanently?

With the trending tag #playmusicke coming from the music industry’s bid to encourage airplay of local talent in the country, it’s no much surprise that our artists are seeking greener pastures in areas where they feel much more appreciated in financial terms and support base.

However, Uganda has a male-dominated music scene according to stats from 2018. This could be her selling point in leading the female voices and as a SWAN ambassador, making way for more women to be included in the music industry.

Uganda, known to be more receptive to a mix of foreign styles and being the largest consumers of music, will ensure more success for an artist like Gin.

Furthermore,  the international Nyege Nyege festival that lasts four days and hosts over 200 acts, would be a world class opportunity for Gin to plug into. 

Gin is a go-getter and no one can stop her from making her mark as an award-winning singer and performer. 

Signed under Taurus Musik, the Pan African label, she’s setting her reach beyond borders!