Juggling multiple jobs comes with many advantages one cannot afford to miss. 

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For instance, having more than one job means different sources of income thus more money.

However, juggling multiple jobs is not easy, one needs to go an extra mile to make the dream come true.

Here are tips shared by experts, how to successfully juggle or rather do more than one job:

1. Ask for help

Experts opine that it is not an easy thing to successfully manage more than one job, thus a need to create a network where you can go for help when need arises. 

For instance, if you are working as a teacher and writer, have in your network teachers and writers who can help at the time of need.

2.  Set boundaries

Before agreeing to the terms and conditions on your contract, let your employer know your boundaries. 

Communicate everything to the employer including the exact time and duration you will be at the office for a certain job.

3. Stay organised

Mark your calendar, this will help you know the deadlines that are approaching. 

One also needs to create a time schedule and adhere to it.