Another disturbing video has emerged online showing one of the Chicken Inn customers complaining about what they served him with.

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In the video, which was shared on social media by Xtian Dela, the male customer revealed that he purchased a roasted kitchen from one of the fast food restaurant Chicken Inn along Lang'ata road, just opposite to Carnivore.

"When I started talking about Chicken Inn they said I was being paid to hate on them. They threatened me to delete my posts or sue me for defamation. From rotten chicken to worms in fries and now roasted cockroaches..BOYCOTT," the video was captioned.

The man said he bought a roasted kitchen and fries only for him to end up hating what he had been served with.

"We bought a couple of pieces of chicken and fries yesternight and he had some this morning, and as you can see, we had eaten quite a number of pieces, only to land on this, a cockroach, said the man while pointing at the remains of the said roasted chicken,"said the man in the video.

This is not the first case a customer is raising such a concern. Early this month, Chicken In Kenya was forced to apologize to its customers after one customer reported that maggots were found in their chips.

Chicken Inn is one of the fast foods restaurants that are frequented by many Kenyans, such like allegations might raise a lot of questions with little answers.

Until writing this, they had not addressed this cockroach issue.

Here is the video