The December holidays are here and Mombasa is one of the best destinations for you. You will be able to enjoy the best hospitality, cultural diversity and relaxing beaches. Whether you are going to spend your time on a public or private beach, you should make sure that the stay is free from drama. Mind the following three things that can easily embarrass you.

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1. Child prostitution

Child prostitution is illegal in Kenya but transpires on Mombasa beaches. You are advised to keep off this kind of trade because it will land you in prison as well as embarrass you. If you are easily confused by young flesh, cancel your vacation or let your partner accompany you. The young girls usually aged between 12 and 18 will make you a society misfit. Additionally, women are also not safe from this vice. There are beach boys who are below the legal age to be intimate with mature women. Avoid them.

2. Littering

Keeping your environment clean needs not to be a matter that you are reminded daily. There is no need to be warned about potential legal action for you to care for your environment. With the hope in Blue Economy contribution to national economic development, littering the beaches is one of the things that is being watched keenly. Avoid arrest by minding what you drop on the beach.

3. Clothing 

Every function and place has a special attire that suits it. For those who love suits, they are not needed on the beaches. In case you love heavy clothing, you will not be comfortable. Avoid embarrassment by purchasing appropriate clothing.