Talks about the 2022 election do not only threaten the country's economy but also the aspirants themselves.

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Many said, many unsaid, there remains only one presidential winner Dr William Samoei Rutto. Being an aspirant guarantees him a clear ticket of winning the elections and reasons being;

One, in the past, DP Ruto has never lost any seat he has vied for. He does not only convince people but also does work as per his promises. The fact that he has always been vying and winning guarantees him a win in 2022 presidential elections. 

Two, most parts that have more votes in elections supports him. Rift Valley being his home province not only supports him but also leaders in the area campaigns in the nearing provinces to seek support for him. 

Another thing that guarantees the hustlers' win in 2022 is the fact what the Jubilee party promised in the 2017 elections are arguably 90 per cent accomplished. This gives a plus to him and gives a clear picture that he is a 'sent' leader not to work for himself but the people. 

Most leaders across the country are also promising to fully support the DP in the hectic, tiresome journey. This guarantees him a win as there is less opposition from fellow leaders. Most, if not all MPs are supporting him in the coming elections. 

Lastly, there is no potential strong leader who can compete with Ruto and this makes his bid to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta almost a guarantee.