Bleaching of the skin by today’s women is gaining pace. The number of dark-skinned ladies, who bleach themselves and achieve a lighter skin tone, is always increasing.

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This trend has left others in the community wondering why these dark ladies decide to bleach their skin. The major question is what are the driving forces behind this behaviour change in today’s women?

Well, if you are also looking to understand why this is the case, the following are reasons why dark ladies are bleaching their skin:

1. To attract men

Dark women are feeling that light skinned ladies are more preferred by men. In fact, looking at workplaces, it is notable that sometimes light skinned ladies are more preferred to dark skinned women. Most women these days believe that light skin makes them more appealing and attractive to men.

2. Social status

Most women are engaging in lightening of the skin because light skin nowadays is being associated with the attainment of higher status in society. Skin lightening is expensive and any lady who is capable of achieving this is believed to be of a higher financial status.

3. Increasing chances in the community

Studies shows that light skinned ladies get more chances in relation to educational attainment and job status at workplaces and also in getting a husband.