When I was a child, written jokes used to be behind the newspapers right before the sports section. 

Flashforward, 22 years later, these jokes have evolved into more graphic, relatable and even funnier themes called memes, thanks to the internet.

A meme can mean a funny thought, joke, idea or concept that spreads online often virally. 

Am pretty sure most of you will agree with me that after long, hard day's work, you all want to sit back and scroll through the many meme pages on Facebook and Twitter and laugh your heads off. 

Here are the reasons why memes have increased in popularity:

1. Funny

This is an obvious one. Memes are made with the intention of making people laugh, and they usually do just that. 

Have you ever read a funny meme and not laughed so hard? If your answer is no, you might be a liar. 

2. Relatable

Memes are often so true and relatable. They are based on everyday events, socially and politically. They tell a story, in a funny way though.

3. Graphic

Memes are funnier when images accompany them. Some have a gif(s) while others videos.

You totally get it thanks to the pictures.

4. Brainstorming

Some memes aren't that transparent, as in you have to really think them through before you get the message. 

They vary with current events or the pop culture, and somebody oblivious to this may not get them.

5. Short and simple

Unlike little Johnnie jokes or jokes that begin with "a guy walks into a bar..." memes are actually short. 

They can be a word or two words or a sentence. So, I have to pen off and read some more memes.