Residents of Riana area in Bonchari, Kisii County were left in a rude shock after a car overturned and fell into River Riana. 

The car which overturned and fell into River Riana on Friday evening. [Source/Dennis Chacha.] 

Eye witnesses Reuben Oyondi said the accident happened on Friday evening. 

Luckily, none of the occupants in the car was injured something that locals have linked God's presence. 

"The car overturned at the bridge and fell into the river. Three occupants who were in the car didn't get any injuries. This is God's good work," Oyondi. 

Locals of Riana at the accident scene. [Source/Dennis Chacha.] 

Another local Moraa Nyambeki said it was by the grace of God the occupants survived. 

"It is high time for locals to turn their lives to God because if it was not for God's mercy, the occupants could have been dead," she noted. 

An accident victim being rescued after the car fell into River Riana. [Source/Dennis Chacha.] 

Area chief Edward Moenda said members of the public rushed to the scene and helped in rescuing the occupants who were trapped in the car. 

Residents looking on at an accident scene. [Source/Dennis Chacha.]