Police Officers in Kisumu have launched a manhunt for a man accused of murdering his neighbour at Bandani Estate in Kisumu on Wednesday night.

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The suspect who is a bodaboda rider reportedly stabbed the deceased six times using a kitchen knife after finding him in the act with his wife upon abruptly returning from work

The man caught in the act tried to escape but succumbed to wounds 30 metres from the house.

According to neighbours, they heard commotions in the house at night but ignored them thinking that the couple was quarrelling.

A neighbour said that the wife who operates a food kiosk nearby was rather lonely as the man had two wives and spent most of his time at the other wife's house.

“The suspect has two wives, so once in a while, he spends the night in the house of either wife, and this could have made the wife bold enough to bring men to the house,” a neighbour told the Standard.

The naked body of the man was found in a pool of blood on Thursday morning near a nearby road.

Confirming the incident, area OCPD Ancent Kaloki said that they have since managed to gather some exhibit to be used in ongoing investigations.