Nairobi-based human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has taken to social media to expose randy lecturers who have been abusing university girls.

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The activist said university girls are being tricked by their lecturers so that they engage in sexual activities for good grades.

Mwangi also revealed that college girls who declined such offers from their lecturers are either failed intentionally or given fake and low grades that hinder them from graduating.

He said some degrees held by some ladies out there were "sexually transmitted", indicating they are just but fake papers.

"Sexually Transmitted Degrees– the phenomenon where female college and university students are coerced into sex or offer sex in exchange for good grades. Many of those who don’t give in are failed by their randy lecturers," posted Mwangi

Mwangi is not the first one to talk about how girls in colleges are sexually abused by either their lecturers or our leaders.

Singer Akothee last week took it on Instagram to express concerns on how educated girls were being sexually targeted by leaders.

"Some leaders lack basic manners and use offices to lure young girls into asexual harassment for favours , some are primitive that the only thing they see in a woman is a Sex object, young educated girls are in more risks than the ones already in clubs and discos," said Akothee.

However, Mwangi did not specifically pin-point the lecturers in question nor the colleges and universities where the claims happen.