A 23-year-old Garissa University student has been left heartbroken after his 'secret crush' Governor Waiguru left the singles' club.

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The third-year Bachelor of Education student, who identified himself as Warfa Ishmael, openly expressed his disappointment to colleagues after the news came through.

After the student's confession did rounds at the university, this writer sought to seek clarification from Warfa who revealed that he was indeed heartbroken.

"I am very disappointed. I thought I would one day declare my love to her, but she's now gone. All the same, I want her to know that I love her and I've admired her for long," said the visibly heartbroken student.

Amid the news, students at the institution described the confession as a joke of the year.

"It is a big joke, a very big one indeed. I think he is just seeking cheap publicity," commented Geoffrey Omondi, a BA student.

"I guess he's just but a joker. It would make more sense had he declared his love to her before she got engaged," added another student who only identified himself as Abdirahman.