Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has shielded Deputy President William Ruto from corruption claims facing him, saying it is a plot to bar him from vying for presidency in 2022.

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In the below statement issued on Sunday, March 3, Sudi said Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho's revelations that he was asked to prevent Ruto's presidential bid proved that he was indeed targeted politically.

"I wish to state the following regarding the current state of politics and unfolding events in our country. We accepted the March 9 handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. 

The handshake was good and healthy since Kenya had to move on after a long period of campaigns, divisions and politics. 

However, the hell broke loose when Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho publicly admitted that he was given an assignment by Raila Odinga to do all he can to block Deputy President William Ruto from ascending to presidency. 

That is when we noticed that the handshake was an insincere move that was not meant for the goodwill of all Kenyans.

As the move to block William Ruto escalates; every Kenyan has been made to believe that William Ruto is the only corrupt politician in the republic.

 The media, ODM and other political nemesis of William Ruto have been championing the idea to brand DP as a thief who cannot be trusted in running a country. I want to challenge Uhuru and Raila on this case, and I ask them to table all their wealth they are in possession.

 Let Uhuru table his wealth and worth, let Raila do the same then Dr. William Ruto too should follow suit. Then let Kenyans determine by themselves who the real thieves are. 

I request them to be men enough and take up the challenge for Kenyans to know the truth.

William Ruto's generosity traces back from 1997 when he was vying to be Eldoret North MP, he began the countless harambees in his home constituency. 

His friend, Uhuru Kenyatta joined him in various fundraisers across the country from 2002. 

William Ruto has been an ever present contributor in all the major fundraisers across the country from 2002,2005, 2007, 2013 until 2017 but no one has ever branded him a thief all that long. 

Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta and all other leaders have ever worked closely with William Ruto and no one has termed him corrupt only until recently when DP declared interest in the top seat. 

We suspect that the move is politically motivated, malicious and is an ill motive. 

Despite all these, DP has remained loyal to his boss and has delivered his full mandate as the Deputy President of the republic. Infact I personally feel for him. 

I can ostensibly state that the handshake was meant to change Kenya's Constitution through a referendum to suit the interest of the 'chosen few' and is not for the honest goodwill of Kenyans.

I ask DCI George Kinoti to be FAIR and JUST in serving this republic. I ask him not to allow himself to be used at the behest of the few. 

We have recently witnessed skewed investigations that has seen many lose their careers because of shoddy and politically motivated investigations. Kinoti should carry out objective prosecutions in court rather than doing them on the media.

 You are not the first Director to DCI, neither are you the last. I thank God that Kenya's judicial system under the leadership of Chief Justice Maraga can be trusted as they discharge their duties in upholding the rule of law. 

Kimwarer and Arror Dams scandals were prosecuted in the media to divert the public attention from discussing JKIA take over by Kenya Airways. 

We know who owns KQ and we even know the banks that have interests in Kenya Airways. We also understand why the move is being done in a hurry without involving and engaging Kenyans through the parliament. I ask DP William Ruto to distance himself from the issue because we will not allow the move only until enough consultations are done.

Last but not least, I ask my good friend Uhuru Kenyatta to come clean on the issue of him wanting to serve for the third term. Let him come clean and negotiate with us through parliament, we can change the Constitution to favour him if he so wishes.

Finally, the current rate of poverty, high rate of unemployment, skyrocketing debts, investors running away from our country; all these issues are seriously hurting our economy and prompt measures need to be taken to avert these crises."