The Kenya Universities and colleges Union president Ann Mvurya has said that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report has highlighted the plight of the youth. 

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Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV on Friday,  Mvurya said that the needs of the youth have been addressed fully. 

She, however, said that time has come for the leaders to ensure that the report is implemented to the latter. 

She reiterated that unless the report is implemented, its adoption will be senseless. 

"BBI has captured what the youth envision for their country. The challenge comes in when we need to implement," she said.

She also lamented that the youth have been ignored for a long time, adding that leaders are to blame for the same. 

"The youth in this country are a marginalized community. We need to hold our leaders to account and ensure that there is no looting of money meant for our economy," she stated.

She argued that most of the public rallies are attended by the youth because they are idle.

"Young people are seen to be the ones filling up stadiums during rallies. Majority are there because they are jobless and have been mobilized to attend the rallies. Most go there expecting handouts," she added.