When a woman is desperate, she ends up doing the unthinkable. Most of her actions are what makes it clear to men that she is going through desperate moments. 

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The bad thing about this situation is that men can highly use a woman when they notice that she is pretty desperate.

 Here are some of the things that make men think a woman is desperate;

1. Dressing for attention

When a woman is desperate for attention, the chances of her dressing for attention is usually high. There are ways in which a woman dresses for attention, and that automatically sells her situation to men. 

2. She’s the flirtiest

While in a group of friends, it is usually okay to flirt. However, too much flirting will be interpreted oppositely. When a woman flirts too much compared to her friends, that will be interpreted as a desperate move by men around.

3. She keeps complaining about being single

If one is single, one should not complain about the situation. It is a common situation which does not need one to complain much. However, when a woman starts to complain too much about being single, that automatically makes men think that she is desperate.