The Supreme Court on Friday overturned both the High Court and Court of Appeal's decisions to nullify Mohamed Abdi's win as Wajir County governor. 

Four of the Supreme Court judges ruled that the High Court and Court of Appeal cases assumed they had jurisdiction to hear the case on whether the governor had a university degree, which is a requirement for a gubernatorial candidate.

Chief Justice David Maraga and Isaac Lenaola, however, gave dissenting judgements holding that the governor’s degree was questionable.

This was the final statement made by the Supreme Court that was unclear to the majority of people following for the case " we find the Wajir governor's degree cannot be verified, however, we find his election valid and in accordance with the constitution that being one is suppose to have a degree to be a governor. The governor has always behaved and conducted himself like a graduate, this court in its immense wisdom find and holds that a man doesn't have to produce actual degree papers provided he behaves and performs like one who has it."

The verdict now gives the Wajir governor the opportunity to complete his term as no other legal avenues can be explored to challenge him.