A Jubilee party politician has reportedly gone missing in Nyali, Mombasa County.

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Eye witness said Mohammed Farid Ali was picked by unknown men and forced into a saloon car on Friday, February 1. 

Mohammed was a Jubilee candidate for MCA in the August 2017 general election. He sought to represent Mjambere ward.

Commenting on the matter, Mombasa businessman and former gubernatorial candidate Suleiman Shahbal asked police officers to help unravel the young politician's whereabouts.

"I am deeply sadden and troubled by the disappearance of Mohammed Farid Ali yesterday in Nyali, Mombasa County. I ask the security forces to expedite all efforts to locate his whereabouts. Let's pray for his safety. Let's pray that Allah strengthens his family during this trying times of great uncertainty," said Shahbal.

The Jubilee politician on Saturday added that: "Currently am out of the county but will do my best to follow up on the issue."

Coast-based human rights group Haki Africa on Saturday also held a press conference flanked by the victim's family where they condemned the disappearance of Mohammed, and asked the police to speed up investigations.

According to the group, Farid Ali alias Wakili was picked by unknown men around Nyali Plaza in Nyali, Mombasa around 3pm on Friday. 

"He was handcuffed before being forced into a waiting white Toyota Premio KCT. Anyone with information about his whereabouts please contact us," said the organisation which has since supplied leaflets online, with details of his disappearance.