Residents of Kisumu City were in a joyous mood after the government undertook the process of installing traffic lights, eighteen years since Kisumu was declared a city by former President Daniel Torotich Moi.

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Outspoken Lawyer Miguna Miguna felt that it was wrong for Kisumu city residents to celebrate what they should have been given a long time ago.

According to Miguna, just like Nairobi city has been having traffic lights for a very long time now, Kisumu should have had the infrastructure too already. 

He opines that prominent leaders such as former Prime Minister Raila Odinga have failed the city for a very long time.

"Street lights were invented in 1878. Nairobi streets have had them since I was born. Yet, in this age of zombification of Kenyans, especially of Luos, by @RailaOdinga on behalf of his fake brother, Uhuru Kenyatta, one street light is celebrated as a huge success," tweeted Miguna Miguna.

Installation of the traffic lights started at three key junctions along Kisumu-Kakamega highway by The Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha)  as a result of roads upgrade and increased traffic flow along the route, Nation reports.

According to Kenha director general Peter Mundinia the construction of the four-lane highway linking Nairobi-Kisumu road and the Kakamega route informed the need for traffic lights for better traffic control.

"There are pedestrians as well as vehicles crossing junctions so the lights are meant to ensure infrastructure is more efficient,” Mr Peter Mundinia said.