Do you have a Kamba woman friend or are you dating a Kamba woman?

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If you happen to have either of the two, at one point you’ll end up visiting them at their homes.

When this day finally reaches, in most cases one doesn’t know what will be presented in the form of a meal.

For this case, when it comes to visiting a Kamba woman, there are common meals to expect.

Here are some common meals to expect when visiting a Kamba woman:

1. Muthokoi

Muthokoi refers to maize grains whose husks have been removed.

This meal is common with Kamba women since it is their favorite.

Hence, when visiting a Kamba woman, expectations of being offered muthokoi should be very high.

2. Matoke

The originality of matoke came from Uganda.

However, when it comes to Kamba women, matoke is like their favorite food.

This is a common food to always find in their homes whenever you visit them.

3. Chapati (Flatbread)

When it comes to preparing chapatis, then Kamba women are good at it.

Kamba women love chapati. It is one of the common foods that they always cook for their visitors.

However, even though chapati to most Kenyans is not a new thing, having a taste of chapati cooked by a Kamba woman will definitely make you love them more.