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Amazing dating habits you knew nothing about

Reuben Simiyu
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You should always be expressive of your affection during dating. [Photo/Nation]

When dating, you need to ensure that your love remains at top notch and nothing comes in between to damage it. You should ensure that your dating habits are way too impressive and that you always maintain it at that. Some of these habits may not be easily adaptive but they are quintessentially easy to have. But what are these habits that will make them stick?

Here are some of the dating habits that are just way too likeable.

1. Asking what they want to do for the day

As soon as they are up, you should send them a text asking how they slept. After that, you should ask them how they plan to spend their day. How sweet it is depends on how you put it but trust me, it is a very nice way of keeping them close and you will be always on their minds.

2. Asking about their likes

Just by enquiring about their likes, you are probably making someone very happy. Your partner will like it when you are always enquiring about what they like. It grows and brings about the vital bond that should exist between you.

3. Calling

Calling is a very nice way of showing that you do care about them even when you have nothing to say. You can just call and say how happy you are to hear their voice.


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