Singer DK Kwenye Beat has finally responded to allegations from a varsity girl who claimed the singer infected her with a deadly virus.

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The campus girl from Nakuru , name withheld, revealed to Xtian Dela that she was once convinced into sexual acts with singer DK Kwenye Beat and ended up with her getting infected with herpes.

The girl wanted to end her life on learning she contracted the deadly diseases. 

Narrating the sad story to #Toboa platform on Telegram, site started by journalist Xtian Dela for one to share disturbing stories/experience, the girl said that she started flirting with Hope the Kind on social media before the two set a date in Nairobi for love making.

When the date came, the girl traveled to Nairobi to meet with Hope Kid, who is also a singer. However, Hope Kid did not host the girl at his house, instead they went at DK's house.

At DK's place, the chick said, the two artists forced her to have a threesome with them. The girl refused but at last they had their way.

One month later, DK called the girl back in Nairobi and this time round, had sex with her without protection, the girl said.

After one week of meeting with DK, she said she noticed some changes in her private parts. She went to hospital and tested positive to an STI.

She said she went ahead and alerted DK concerning the virus but the singer did not bother.

To get the two sides of the story, Dela contacted DK Kwenye Beat.

The singer denied the allegations, and specifically refused to talk about the girl until her name is mentioned. He also denied having a threesome.

Here is their conversation.