They say disability is not inability and one Dolphin Gesare Biyogo from Omosobwa, Boochi in Magena Kisii County has proved it.

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The 21-year-old who is blind and can't speak has overcome all odds to emerge a trusted hope to her mother, Sarah Mwango Onchwati.

"I did not know she could do this. I love her so much and that is why am proud of walking with her. She does what I can't understand how she manages to execute," said Sarah in an exclusive interview. 

Dolphin is a degree holder having studied Home Science at St Oda Vocational Training Centre in Maseno.

She is a professional in Machine Knitting, Sewing(Embroidery), Basketry, Cookery, Childcare, Business Education, Sales and Marketing and Agriculture.

"According to their system of training, which is different from others, she has a degree in Home Science as you can see from this certificate. She is very hardworking despite her condition," said Sarah, displaying the daughter's degree award.

 Sarah says she is hoping that one day a well-wisher will emerge and get her a good job or a support mechanism to help her family and other siblings. 

"Am really praying hard that she could get a job or a Market to sell her products. She is very able. She never accepts to be assisted. She does it alone. You can see what she has made. It's beautiful," added Sarah.

Despite being blind and dumb, Dolphin's facial expression could reveal joy in her heart from our conversation.

She communicates in sign language where she pleaded for help to get a job or a knitting machine and a ready market to sell her products.

"I love doing this. I don't strain to do it. Am just like any other normal person. My hands can feel what am doing just like those who have eyes. I plead for anyone who has been touched to offer me a job or a Knitting machine," she said.

Villagers love her work and they support her by purchasing some of her products locally.