The elite Recce squad continues to swim in praise after 14 of its commandos neutralized the Tuesday terror attack on DusitD2 Hotel in Nairobi.

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The force whose commandos are usually identified by their heavy combat gear, dark military goggles and sophisticated weapons are hardly seen in public unless on necessary occasions.

The force consists paramilitary officers, picked from the larger General Service Unit (GSU) after portraying great skills and talent.

From the Embakasi training grounds where the GSU holds its training, the small segment is taken to the Magadi Field Training Camp for more training.

The next step is further training at the Solio Ranch and Ruiru Camp and then abroad to the USA, UK and Israel where they are equipped with military-like skills.

They are trained to among others, counter-terrorism activities, and handling explosives, this including detonating grenades and bombs.

Also, the force is trained to protect critical installations and rescue operations at times of tragedy like terror attacks, earthquakes and floods.

The team is said to operate on intelligence and embark on a mission with everything including the plan already in place.

However, very little is known about the team whose activities and images are largely protected from media coverage.

The squad on Wednesday dawn managed to neutralize the terrorists on the highest floor of the hotel after several hours of fire exchange.

Two officers were injured by a grenade hurled at them by the 4 terrorists.