Otile Brown’s Ethiopian lover Nabayet has sent a message to Kenyans, however, the message is raising many questions on social media.

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Nabayet is Otile's newest lover after his messy breakup with socialite Vera Sidika. She has been in the country for a while and just before she could depart, she left behind a message.

"Kenya! It’s been real! Thank you for being so kind and unbelievably great. Your hospitality and kind words were heartwarming. It definitely felt like home away from home. Much love 💕," she posted

The big questions from Kenyans, will she come back again? Why did she leave when Otile is not around?

alfie_smiley expressed: "feels like you aint coming back.. don't leave our guy, our baddest shivo "

muriithi_benson wondered: "We thought you would not leave us😢"

We understand Otile Brown is in Germany where he is on a music tour. He has been posting at different functions and in different Germany cities on his Instagram page, with the latest being in Stuttgart.

"When am clean like this .. God answers my prayers .. y’all have a fruitful week #wegotnothingbutlove," he captioned on of his pictures in Stuttgart Monday morning.

When Otile was dating Vera, they were touring places together, the singer could not leave his bae behind.

This is not the same case with the new lover, when he is in Germany promoting his songs, his girlfriend is in Naivasha thanking Kenyans for their kindness, is everything aright? 

Is this the end of the love journey between the two love birds?