Prof James Ole Kiyapi a 2013 presidential candidate on the Restore and Build Kenya (RBK) party has blasted and faulted constitutional change crusaders for the move which he says is not realistic.

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He faulted politicians for fronting their interests for constitutional amendments when the real call does not involve the interest of poor Kenyans.

"Kenyan politicians are at it again - NOW proposals for all sorts of constitutional amendments with no real bearing on improving lives of ordinary citizens," Prof. Kiyapi wrote on Twitter.

The seasoned Kenyan Politician and academician posited that the country will stand or fall if the test in upholding Chapter six of the constitution on integrity is passed or otherwise depending on the priorities by the state.

"A country stands or falls on the integrity of her leaders!" paused Kiyapi

Politicians from both the political divide have been on the forefront advocating for constitutional changes with proposals of the formation of the position of prime minister and two deputy prime ministers which Prof. Ole Kiyapi rebukes.

Kiyiapi says the constitutional changes should not just be about rewarding some people with political positions and being in power.

"Constitutional changes cannot just be about leaders and power!" added  Ole Kiyapi.