In every relationship, there are times that partners deal with their highs and lows moments. 

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However, there are still some actions that when a partner keeps doing end up hurting their spouse.

 There are simple things that when done by a partner in a marriage, it may end up destroying the marriage. 

If you discover that you are the main cause of negative issues in your relationship, then it’s time to know that you are sabotaging your relationship. 

Here are signs that you are sabotaging your relationship.

1. You hide your texts and emails from your partner

If you are in a marriage, partners are always advised to practice openness with each other.

 For that case, hiding some things from your partner may be one cause for the destruction of your marriage. 

Stuff like texts and emails are crucial when it comes to being free with your partner.

2. You're constantly jealous

Jealousy is another factor that sabotages most relationships. 

If you happen to be suspicious of your partner when meeting other people, then know that you are highly making your relationship at risk of a breakup.

3. You spend more time with coworkers than your partner

When it comes to spending time with your spouse, that is important.

If you are the type of partner who spends the most time with coworkers rather than with your spouse, then it’s time for you to know that you are risking your relationship.