The Swahili people say that 'dalili ya mvua ni mawingu' meaning that there is always a precursor to a big thing or event.

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A precursor to this 'big thing' as pertains to Mt Kenya politics has already started to show its face early. But what is this thing really? Well, signs that Mt Kenya voters will rebel against their current kingpin who happens to be President Uhuru Kenyatta are written all over.

Even though Uhuru after the opening of Karatina Market late last year asserted that he will have a big say on who will succeed him in what he said will be a 'shocker', it might turn out that the 'shocker' will shock and perhaps choke him. This is because Mt Kenya voters may decide not to toe the line and go the opposite direction.

Here are 3 things that could precipitate this rebellion as we head to 2022.

1. Accusations of sidelining the region

Uhuru can angrily call those who subscribe to this notion 'washenzi' as many times as he can, but it won't help end the growing discontent about this particular matter. As many leaders from the region have noted recently, it is not like Mt Kenya voters are asking for any favours from the president.

What residents want is to simply have a 'pay' that is directly proportional to their 'labour' if that makes any sense to you.

2. Raila-Ruto factor

The Uhuru-Raila March 9, 2018 handshake has only served to create confusion and a crackling split among Mt Kenya voters. There are those that feel that the handshake was only meant to sideline Deputy President William Ruto whom many feel deserves a pat on the back come 2022 for standing with their 'son' in 2013 and again in 2017.

So, if Uhuru names a different successor other than Ruto in the run-up to the 2022 polls, the probability of a rebellion against him and his preferred candidate from Mt Kenya voters is quite high.

3. Uhuru's alleged disconnect with local leadership

It is a known secret that Uhuru lectures the local leaders every time they have a different opinion from that of his. Most of the times he will have his way and as a result of these dictatorial tendencies, Uhuru has slowly been losing his grip on the local leadership.

They have started to rebel against him with Moses Kuria, his rural home MP, openly castigating him. Unless something is done now, this rebellion can only serve to alienate Uhuru further.