The first day of the week is usually not the best for many people. Challenges that come with Monday especially weekend hangovers make most Mondays to be looked forward to with dread. Some even wonder why God made Friday to be so far from Monday and at the same time made it so close to Monday. Here are a few things that you can do to spice up your Monday.

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1. Make a to-do list

It is much more preferable to lay the goals for the week on the first day of the week. Whether you will make a list of personal or work-related goals, it will help you to avoid being disoriented from the start of the week. This will provide you with the motivation to pursue your interests and goals throughout the week.

2. Hit the gym

Going to the gym on a Monday morning is a good remedy for hangover. Working it out in the gym is guaranteed to start off your week on a healthy footing. Despite Mondays being the days that many people are prone to waking up late, the feeling after hitting the gym on a Monday morning is worth the sacrifice of the early morning hours.

3. Take enough water

Weekends are usually the toxic days of the week. They give the allowance to imbibe alcohol without worries, smoke without workplace restrictions and do so many other things that are otherwise not possible in the other weekdays. Taking enough water will reverse the effects of intoxication and leave your body fresh and supple.

4. Look for inspiration

A Monday is definitely a good day to be inspired. Watching something inspiring  or reading an inspiration piece will help you face the week with the required enthusiasm and motivation to keep going till Friday.

5. Interact with friends and co-workers

While Mondays are not the best days for gossiping as there is usually much better things to do, catching up with friends  and co-workers will get you informed on what happened over the weekend and satisfy your social aspect of being a human.

Enjoy your Monday!