Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta not to lose momentum in the renewed fight against graft.

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Ndile wants President Kenyatta to fearlessly lead the anti-graft war in order to ensure the country recovers stolen public funds.

In an exclusive interview on Wednesday, the former TIP TIP MP said that Kenyans are banking on President Kenyatta to tame graft as part of his 2022 legacy.

“The president must never lose hope in the war against graft because millions of Kenyans are counting on him to end this vice,” he said during the telephone interview. 

Ndile noted that corrupt individuals are likely to fight back, adding that it’s time for Kenyans to stand up and help curb the vice.

The vocal politician said the country is losing a lot of money to corruption, forcing Kenyans to struggle to get services.

“Unless we slay the graft dragon our country will remain poor and at the mercy of foreign debtors,” he added.

Ndile pleaded with agencies involved in the fight against graft to viciously lead the campaign and focus more on the recovery of stolen money and assets.

He also urged the agencies to conduct lifestyle audits on all State officials and workers, noting that the move will help smoke out corrupt individuals.

President Kenyatta has insisted that no one implicated in graft will be spared.

He, however, asked politicians not to politicise the anti-graft war, noting that it is not targeting any community or individual.