Many people use android smartphones even though they have limited knowledge on how they can keep them performing at their optimum level. While the complex technicalities of the devices is better left to the experts, having a little knowledge on how one can improve the performance of their device is worthwhile. This article provides just the basics on Android updates.

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Android system is one of the  operating systems under AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that runs in mobile devices. This means that it is open to changes by developers and therefore keeps changing to include the ever rising needs of its numerous users.  The updates are usually occasioned by Google and are passed to device manufacturers before reaching the final device users. This explains the delay between the announcement of an update and actually receiving it in your phone. Here are two simple methods that you can use to have the your latest android version:

Method one:  Through settings

First, you need have a working WI-FI internet connection then proceed as follows:

In your phone settings, continue scrolling down to the option 'System'. This is usually at the bottom of the page at the settings depending on your phone model. At this stage you can find the option “Software update” in some phone models which you should tap. If not, tap at the “About Phone ” option and proceed to tap the “Update” option. Several instructions will be displayed on the screen which you have to follow to effect the update.

Method two:  Using a computer

Most Android phone manufacturers produce a desktop software that is used specifically for updating the devices. You can find the software at your device manufacturer’s support page depending on your device. Once you download and install the software on your computer, you can access and install the latest update file of your mobile device. The updates to your mobile phone are effected through the use of USB cable that connects your phone with the computer. Follow the prompts on your screen and your device will update to the latest version.