Living in a rental apartment requires survival tactics. Act friendly, respectful and sociable, and you will have an interesting stay. 

Act strange, rowdy and unsociable, and end up having the whole plot gossiping behind your back. 

These are some of the plot survival tactics that will make your stay satisfying:

1. Be friendly to 'mama mbogas' and kiosk man

Being a consistent buyer from her vegetable stalk doubled with a humorous and friendly talk with 'mama mboga' will develop a cordial relationship and trust between you two. 

When your pocket runs dry of coins, she won't hesitate to lend her regular loyal customer some onions, tomatoes and sukuma wiki. 

When the month corners you and your cooking gas runs dry, the kiosk man will give you two litres of kerosene to resurrect your stove.

2. Be friendly to your fellow tenants

A friend nearby is better than a brother miles away, maintain a good relationship with your neighbours.

Greet them, show them your smile, avoid conflicts and don't personalise the clothesline. 

When pneumonia strikes you, they will break the door open, and rush you to the hospital with all of them camping next to your hospital bed.

3.Respect and love children in the plot

Even though you have disagreements with their parents, some children may be naughty. Holding grudges with them is futile. 

They are innocent; smile at them, hold little Sheila from crawling to the dumpsite hole and share your bunch of bananas with them. 

Come late from work, and you will find them camping at your door waiting for you to tease them with a smile. 

They are little angels who will melt your heart with joy.