Tanzania President John Magufuli objected to Raila Odinga's mock swearing-in on grounds that it was unlawful and could have plunged the country into the state of anarchy, Miguna Miguna has said.

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In his impeding Treason- The case against Tyrants and Renegades, Miguna  notes that organising committee had identified Kenyan embassies in Ghana and Tanzania as ideal place for the function should have authorities blocked a public event in Kenya.

And Raila is said to have asked Siaya Senator James Orengo to call Magufuli over the same, but the no nonsense president, despite being Raila's friend, objected to the idea.

"According to Orengo, Magufuli believed that leadership was ‘a gift from God’ and that if God had not given Raila that gift,there was no reason to pursue our plans and that Raila should forget about being sworn in as The People’s President,” reads an excerpt from the book.

“In other words, Magufuli was of the view that God did not want Raila to be the president of Kenya. I found such statements to be outrageous. God had not manipulated the August 8, 2017 General Election.”

There are also suggestions from Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho to hold the ceremony in Kilifi on grounds that Mijikenda community was full of courageous people.

Days after the nullification of Uhuru's victory in August, Raila jetted to Tanzania where he held private meeting with Magufuli before meeting South Africa's future President Cyril Ramaphosa in Zanzibar.

After administering oath to Raila in January 30th, Miguna Miguna was kicked out of the country on grounds that he was not properly documented as Kenyan citizen.

The new book, which will be launched in December 20th, also attacks the character of Mr Raila Odinga.