Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho made statements recently that he has been told by Orange Democratic Movement hierarchy (Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga) to do all he can to ensure Deputy President William Ruto does not get Presidency in 2022. 

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In a quick rejoinder, Nandi County governor Stephen Sang decided to go toe to toe with Governor Joho in a bid to support his leader in DP Ruto.

There are two possibilities,  either Governor Sang has truly been ordered by DP Ruto to respond to governor Joho or he is doing it to raise his stake in the political scene. 

However,  the difference between the two is too big that Sang cannot claim to be the one responding to Joho. 

First, Joho is 45 years old while Sang is 33 years old.  Age doesn't necessarily mean superiority but clearly, age means you have seen more given the two have an equilibrating factor in that both are governors. 

In addition, Governor Joho has more political experience compared to Governor Sang. 

Joho started National political career as early as 2004, albeit probably Governor Sang was not yet done with the campus. 

Governor Joho started as Kisauni Party chairman for Liberal Democratic Party in 2004 to 2007, where he joined ODM and contested for Kisauni parliamentary seat and won.  He later vied for Mombasa governor in 2013 a seat he later defended well in 2017. 

Governor Sang has been breaking records by becoming the youngest senator at 28 in 2013 and youngest governor in at 32 in 2017 elections and that's all.

In total,  Governor Joho has been into active National politics for 15 years while for Governor Sang is around 6 years,  big difference. 

Furthermore, the leadership and influence Governor Joho has cannot be matched by Governor Sang. 

Governor Joho has been arguably the coastal region kingpin since 2013 and that can not be said of Governor Sang in Rift Valley. 

Governor Joho is the vice-chairman of ODM Party,  whose membership at some point was the largest in the country before political parties started to merge to form coalitions.

Governor Sang,  on the other hand,  I doubt if he is any influential in Jubilee Party, even in Rift valley region,  the likes of Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomem are far more influential than him.