In politics, there’s only one thing that is not permanent – interests. 

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The questions that linger in every politician’s mind are how to get what they want, almost always, through the easiest ways and how to stay there the longest. 

Kenya is lucky to have a constitution that stipulates that a president cannot serve more than two terms, each going for five years. Otherwise, talks of 2022 politics would be a fallacy, given the fact that some leaders are already arguing that President Uhuru Kenyatta is too young to retire. 

As a matter of fact, Deputy President William Ruto is yearning to succeed him when his two terms end. The battle will be full of twists and turns, as we only have witnessed recently, before Kenyans can finally go to the ballot to elect their leaders. 

Since 2002, a new party formed a few days to the elections has always taken the day in elections. It was NARC, then PNU, then Jubilee Coalition and Jubilee Party. Following this trend, a new party or coalition will be the one that wins 2022 elections. 

It won’t be a wise decision for DP Ruto to stick with Jubilee party, with persistent attacks from within the party, as well as President Uhuru’s silence on his chosen successor and his dalliance with opposition leader Raila Odinga. 

It may not have been a good idea to dissolve his United Republican Party (URP) in the run-up to 2017 general elections. It might come back to haunt his presidential ambitions. 

There’s all likely hood that Jubilee Party will be abandoned for DP Ruto and a new one formed to compete with him.

There can only be many twists and turns in the three years remaining before we get to 2022. The indefatigable ‘hustler’ can only expect stones to be thrown at him. It will depend on whether he will use these stones to build a wall or a watchtower.