Alego Usonga lawmaker Samuel Atandi has bashed Kenyans for expecting opposition boss Raila Odinga to help in the fight against corruption and governance matters.

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Raila had been at the forefront of revealing corruption scandals in government and keeping the President Uhuru Kenyatta-led administration in check before reconciling with Uhuru in March 2018.

Raila's Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has since gone silent, leaving the government unchecked, with Kenyans now calling upon Raila to play his opposition role.

Speaking during an interview on Radio Maisha on Monday morning, Atandi wondered why Kenyans now need Raila after refusing to elect him in 2017, and instead electing the same people they now want him to save them from.

"The economy has been bad since 2013 but Wakenya bado walichagua hawa watu. (Kenyans still elected these people). They cannot now expect Raila whom they rejected to help them after rejecting him," he said.

"We were the best alternative and we were going to address all these issues," he added.

Since his truce with Uhuru, Raila has declared support for the initiatives being spearheaded by the president.

The opposition chief has vowed to fully support the Big 4 Agenda which revolves around affordable housing, food security, universal health care and manufacturing.