A section of Kisii residents have reacted after President Uhuru Kenyatta coined a new name for his Deputy William Ruto.

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Uhuru's suitable name to DP Ruto is 'Mchokozi.

Residents led by Peter Andama said Uhuru's new name to DP Ruto is a clear indication that Mr Uhuru won't be behind Ruto's presidential bid. 

"Ruto should now know that his boss may not be supporting his presidential bid in 2022 after he called him 'Mchokozi'. Difficult times for DP Ruto starts now," he said.

Thomas Nyamote a former MCA hopeful said Uhuru is angry with DP Ruto. 

"Uhuru is silently not happy with his deputy who has been named several times in corruption allegations. It is important for DP Ruto to know that the Head of State wans't making jokes when he called him Mchokozi," he noted. 

Catherine Mabuka appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to publicly shame DP Ruto because his name has always been dragged into corruption. 

"Uhuru should stop hiding his anger to DP Ruto. Let him come out and tell Kenyans that DP Ruto is corrupt," she noted adding that Ruto will be dangerous to be the next president.