Kalenjin ladies have been frequently showered with praises when it comes to making good wives. They are said to be respectful and care about their families diligently. This has prompted some men to be interested in dating or marrying these great lasses from the Rift region. 

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However, due to their conservative nature, a majority of the men cannot convince the women into a relationship. 

I have spent many years interacting with these Kalenjin ladies and have been able to learn powerful techniques which melt their hearts.

 Here are some of the techniques which will aid in successfully winning the Kalenjin woman's heart;


Kalenjin women are put off by men who are not courageous and cannot dominate the conversation. These women have been raised in a culture where a man dictates on many things. They believe a man should be bold and courageous. Therefore, men chasing after these ladies should show dominance in order to win her heart.

Hold on your sexual interest

Nothing turns off a woman like a man who is just lustful for sex. Kalenjin women are not an exception, they can not fall for a man whose only thoughts is to get her on to bed. Even if you are on a 'dry spell' do not mention an idea of having sex to her.

Show your concern and interest

Showing your concern and interest to a Kalenjin woman melts her heart. It shows you care for her. You can call her and ask her how she is doing. Complimenting her is also a winning technique to employ but do not exaggerate or overdo it.

Don't be stingy

It is not that women love money, it is because they hold a belief that men are the providers. When dating Kalenjin women ask her out and treat her. Buy her favourite drinks and do not forget 'mursik' is in the Kalenjins menu.

If any man explores that techniques and strictly adhere to it, he will surely win his Kalenjin woman of choice.

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