It is no longer a secret that two abducted Cuban doctors previously attached to Mandera county are not safe anymore in El Adde, Somalia. This can be attributed to the government's hard stand on the Federal Republic of Somalia.

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Coupled with the fact that Kenya has trashed calls for negotiations over ransom demands by Al-Shabaab abductors, the latest maritime dispute pitting the neighbouring counties might further sink the efforts to have the Cuban medics freed.

According to security analyst Mark Mogane,  Al-Shabaab might exploit the presence of the two foreign medics in their hands to destroy diplomatic ties between Kenya and Cuba as revenge. This, he said, will paint an image that Kenya is very insecure especially for foreigners.

"I can say for sure that abducted Cuban medics might no longer be safe in the hands of Al-Shabaab. To say the least, the maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya is the latest threat to rescue operations to have the missing duo freed," Mogane expressed.

On the best way to rescue the duo, Mogane feels Kenya as a country should soften a bit and give room for negotiations.

"Kenya is in between a hard rock. Imagine a situation where you're negotiating with your biggest enemy of all time.... all the same, the government should give room for talks if she needs to get back the medics," he added.

Since the government dismissed ransom demands, the Al Shabaab abductors have not issued any further communication.